It has been a weird, difficult year, and lots of things are changing. We’re trying to keep up, and for various reasons now seems like a good time to launch a new online series of brand new fiction. Over the next while, at the start of each month, we will publish a brand new story here on the website.

We receive a huge amount of submissions to the magazine, and this year we found it particularly difficult (& no little frustrating) to narrow over 1600 submissions down to the two hundred or so pages of fiction we can fit into two issues of the magazine – even while we increase the page count in each issue as we are doing this year. This new online series gives us a chance to revisit some of the stories we couldn’t feature in the magazine, and to commission some of the writers we are most excited about at the moment. First up, today, is Zakia Uddin’s singular, eerie ‘Night Person’, which will speak for itself. Enjoy! And please share!

The magazine is next open for fiction submissions in December. Read the guidelines here.