Staying Up All Night To Write A Story, Part 2 – Jon McGregor



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For our Winter 2021-22 issue, Editor-at-large Thomas Morris invited Marie-Helene Bertino, Rebecca Ivory, Jon McGregor, and Stephen Sexton to each write a short story in a single night: starting at dusk and submitting by dawn.

In this second episode of a two-part series, we are joined by Jon McGregor, who reads and discusses his story ‘Dwell’, which he wrote from start to finish in a single night.

You can listen to the first episode – featuring Marie-Helene Bertino, Rebecca Ivory, and Stephen Sexton – here.


Jon McGregor is the author of five novels and a two story collections; his most recent novel is Lean Fall Stand (4th Estate). He is Professor of Creative Writing at the University of Nottingham, where he edits The Letters Page, a literary journal in letters. He lives in Nottingham.

You can read all the astonishing One Night Stands in our Winter 2021-22 issue.

And you can read Thomas Morris’s introduction to the stories here.


Above: the handwritten opening page of Jon McGregor’s ‘Dwell’