Issue 50/Volume Two

Summer 2024


This issue will be launched at 8pm on Saturday May 18th as part of International Literature Festival Dublin.

Tickets available from ilfdublin.com



Yousri Alghoul | ‘A Life Dipped in Blood’ (translated by Graham Liddell)
Ben Behzadafshar | ‘Her Husband’
Emma Canning | ‘Lifestyle Management’
Tilde Fredholm | ‘Dark Waters: The End’
Ed Garland | ‘Interior Bunch Concerns’
Piers Gelly and Peter Myers | ‘The Great Joke’ (an extract from Autofiction; or, The Author Function, a work-in-progress)
Anita Harag | ‘At the Least, Promising’ (translated by Marietta Morry and Walter Burgess)
Billy O’Callaghan | ‘Gone in the Years’
Heather Parry | ‘This Machine Feeds’
Michael Phoenix | ‘The Melancholy of Juan Dimitras’
Tom Roseingrave | ‘A Brief Statement Regarding Recent Events at County Buildings’
Tenaya Steed | ‘Missing the Eclipse’
Rere Ukponu | Famine Days’
Emma Warnock | ‘Anything Strange or Startling?’
Robert Paul Weston | ‘A God-Awful Small Affair’
Alexandra Ye | ‘A Sweet Tooth’


Tiffany Atkinson | ‘small green’
Ciaran Berry | ‘Close Encounters’
Dylan Brennan | ‘Basho Collages’
Erin Coughlin Hollowell | ‘The inexplicable that lives behind the artifice’
Caitlin Doyle | ‘Pareidolia’
Daniel Fuller | ‘Mo Chroí’
Tim Liardet | ‘Selfies with Fireflies’
Jess Mc Kinney | ‘As the World Falls Down’
Mícheál McCann | ‘I Admire Jenny Geddes’
Alex Mepham | ‘Tell Us About the Fire’
Kelly Michels | ‘American Anthem as Word’
Marziya Mohammedali | ‘The composition of the human soul (or, trying to define 21 grams)’
Kim Moore | Two poems
Rebecca O’ Connor | Two poems
Stephen Sexton | Two poems
Derval Tubridy | ‘Eileen Collins’
Ke Zai | ‘A Brief History of Plants’ (translated by Yun Qin Wang)
Jane Zwart | Three poems


Gormfhlaith Ní Shíocháin Ní Bheoláin | ‘Scíth Éalaíonn’ (translated by Peter Sirr)
Pól Ó Muirí | ‘Breacadh an lae’


Aileen Malone | ‘Life Drawing’
r alice | ‘If You See This’
Dave Coates | ‘The Guy with the Feather Boa is Straight, Actually: A Short History of Queer Wrestling’
Liam Harrison | ‘White Nights’
Brenda Romero | ‘The Wild Field’


Hugh O’Conor | ‘Workshop’

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Eimear Gavin

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