The Stinging Fly - Issue 49 V2 - Winter 2023-24 - Katie Davenport RGB
Issue 49/Volume Two

Winter 2023-24


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  • Pages: 240
  • ISBN: 978-1-906539-32-0
  • Published: Nov 2023



Ema Babikwa | ‘Our Extraordinary Lives’
JL Bogenschneider | ‘Nulla Osta’
Jessica Campbell | ‘Et in Arcadia ego (I, too, am in Arcadia)’
Emma Devlin | ‘The Gift’
Rose Keating | ‘Squirm’
Mister Slow of Joondalup | ‘River of Fire’ (translated by Freya Tong)
Liadan Ní Chuinn | ‘Mary’
Kate Smyth | ‘It Could Be Worse’
Shane Tivenan | ‘Honey Brown’

Featured Poet

Eva Griffin | Six poems


j. taylor bell | ‘Big Ass Sudden Hailstorm on Top of Donard’
Daragh Breen | ‘3 Greens in Winter’
Dean Browne | ‘Days of the Brindled Cow’
Emily Cooper | ‘Fuck With Me One More Time’
Elaine Cosgrove | Two poems
Klara du Plessis | ‘Dead Air’
Elaine Feeney | ‘All the Good Things You Deserve’
Jameson Fitzpatrick | Two poems
Fergal Gaynor | ‘The Furthest Reaches’
Tony Lopez | ‘But Surely’
Catherine Phil MacCarthy | ‘Vacant Possession’
Gail McConnell | ‘Hold’
Stéphane Mallarmé | ‘To Méry’ (translated by Peter Manson)
Peter Manson | ‘the first widowhood testoon’
Billy Ramsell | Two poems
Padraig Regan | ‘Some Invertebrates in the Museum of Zoology’
Karen Solie  | Two poems


Alice Cappelle | ‘An Almost-Too-Perfect Neighbourhood’
Sasha de Buyl | ‘Fashioning’
John McLeod | ‘Blacking In’
Una Mullally | ‘The Discourse’
Peter Murphy | ‘The Jolt’ (an extract from Ghost Voltage, a work-in-progress)
Daniel Syrovy | ‘An Austrian Ulysses’


Katie Davenport

Cover Design

Eimear Gavin

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