All the disasters you anticipate
rear up at once, each time you close your eyes.
There’s nothing you can do, just lie awake.

Your guts churn, but it’s not something you ate,
it’s just the strain of cutting down to size
all the disasters you anticipate.

Don’t fuss, don’t worry, don’t exaggerate—
you soothe yourself with reassuring lies.
It doesn’t help. You know you’ll stay awake.

They’re only young, they’ll learn from their mistakes
—but it’s their childish hubris that gives rise
to these disasters you anticipate.

They rush at things, they don’t know how to wait.
Don’t question them, they’ll only tell you lies.
They don’t know it’s their fault you stay awake.

And if their lives heave like a small earthquake,
how can you mitigate or minimise
all the disasters you anticipate?
There’s nothing you can do. Just stay awake.