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Run, run, run!


How long?

A lifetime, yes?

Oh really?

Yes, count the days, can we?

Or miss them?

Ha, well what’s a day now?

You don’t know?

They say there is majesty in light.

And space?


Print (‘I miss you.’)


Can we go on like this?

We are here, so…

Where shall we go tonight?

You tell me.

Somewhere we won’t forget.

Hmm… the little Czech lodge?

Yes, let’s do that, let’s go there.


You and I.

For the songs?

Oh yes, songs.

I could hold you for a million years


Oh yes, the radio.

Driving down the winter wood.

Mist licking the headlight.

Choose, you said.

Choose me, I screamed.

There was wood.

And a stone fire, and a rusty old axe.

Did we hide?

I believe so.

Or we were hidden.

For there were…

So many sighs

The extra embraces.

They floored us.

And tears, oh the tears!

They would jump down the tracks of your skin.

I raved for hyperspace.

You built a handheld time-machine.

We walked.

Yes, the winter was mist.

A woman appeared and said: Your new follower is close behind so—

Be careful what you wish for.

Suddenly, there—

A deer.

We saw deer.

Out in the woods.

Crystal eyes.

The deer.

Our golden deer.

She said: Do you know me?

Can you feel the moon?

Behold the wild.

Behold the wild! we beamed back.

In snow we ran.

And dreamt.

Like infants.

Like twins, entwined.

They once believed that all lost children who roamed this forest— Stood up to be a deer.


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When you arrive, will you know when you see it?

There are x10 moons in this our sky.

Outside there is always night.

And there will be the sound of oceans.

And there will be the quiet wood.

And deer again?

For sure.

You’ll find our golden deer.

She runs beside me in the night—

She springs beside me in the fields.

Our deer beside us now.

The chamber of the deep—

The light between us in the snow.

Did I see you go?

Were you taken by the mountains, as I believed?

Sat in the car, cried all the way to the next town.

Late November, winter’s onset howling in.


Draw (‘Luminous wolves.’)


We rushed back to our fable radio.

The darkness of the window mist!

Lock down the lodge tonight you say.

We are here, and we are not here—

Mouthing mine the moon.

Do we leave so soon?

Life on earth?





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Running sound of deerland




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