"His mother had a choice between keeping the monkey or having the baby. She told the story often, in company, with a roll of her eyes and a helpless grin, as if this was the sore spot, the branching crossroads where her life had gone wrong. "

Fiction 4th November 2021


'You talk and talk until you run out of breath and still when you get home there are things you wish you had said. Just once I would like to wake before myself and see what I am with my eyes closed.'

Fiction 6th October 2021

St Alban’s Drive

‘Your mother’s on the radio,’ she said, ‘being racist.’ This had surprised me; the radio bit. My mother had an aversion to talk radio.

Fiction 1st September 2021

Diana in a lonely place

An archaeology student's chance encounter on a summer dig in Greece brings a private obsession full circle and provokes a reckoning with past occurrences.

Fiction Issue 44/Volume 2: Summer 2021

The Youths

In this exquisitely written story of a relationship, two colleagues strike up a workplace rapport that will alter the course of their lives.

Fiction Issue 44/Volume 2: Summer 2021

Any Holidays?

"They wore travel outfits, comfy and subtle. Tiny shorts and big hoodies in creamy colours. Shorts said: actual holiday. Hoodies said: chill, not like the other young ones going away, flashing bikinis at baggage claim."

Fiction 12th August 2021

Peter and Jane

'Sometimes I long for home, but not home as it is now, home back then. Back when it was nice. When the sun was always out, and we could play all day out of doors. Before I had to be a woman.'

Fiction 7th July 2021


A story from Philip Ó Ceallaigh's upcoming collection.

Fiction 5th May 2021


"She felt both important and embarrassed, now, in the street. The afternoon was ageing amiably. The all-year plastic Santa bracketed to a chimney on Attracta Road was dusty in soft sun."

Fiction 7th April 2021

Gloria and Max

'Gloria! he said, not loud enough. Gloria! he shouted again. It sounded ridiculous, like some kind of dreadful Van Morrison tribute act. Gloria!'

Fiction 3rd March 2021

Words for Things

"What do you think of, I said to my husband that evening, when you think of Monica Lewinsky?"

Fiction 3rd February 2021

These Are The Tools God Gave Us

A troubled investigator exposes deeds too wicked to speak of in Mike McCormack's story for cold nights and guilty consciences.

Fiction Issue 43, Volume 2: Winter 2020-21

The Little House

A group of writers from different generations camp out in a Chinese city square, musing on survival in the aftermath of a devastating earthquake.

Fiction Issue 42, Volume 2: Summer 2020


Michelle Coyne's anaesthetised protagonist falls into dangerous, freeing obsession on an Icelandic holiday.

Fiction 4th December 2020

Make Way, Folks, the Mannion Brothers Are Coming Through

A despairing brother is roused by Mattie Brennan's unforgettable Mannions on a hard-drinking train journey from Galway to Dublin.

Fiction 3rd December 2020

In the Blood

A fugitive returns to his belligerent, brilliant uncle in Ciarán Folan's story of hard men, lost talent, and twisted alliances.

Fiction 2nd December 2020


Everything changes for a young dealer tasked with selling diesel-laced hash in Aoibheann McCann's tough and grungy Galway.

Fiction 1st December 2020

Black and White-head

David Tierney imagines a ravaged Galway, where a farmer returns to her land to find defiance and hope and an unexpected adversary.

Fiction 30th November 2020

Very Wonderful

Portrait of a brother.

Fiction 4th November 2020

All Made Through Imperfection

A new short story from the author of 'Darker With the Lights On'.

Fiction 6th October 2020

Sleeve Notes From The King

A stranger on a motorcycle roars through a family.

Fiction 3rd September 2020

Night Person

“The night is a portal into which you enter with strangers.”

Fiction 5th August 2020

We Are Appalling

All the dead are loved, and all the loved are dead.

Fiction Issue 41, Volume 2: Winter 2019-20

The Crab House

"I switched on the lamp and looked up at my poster. It was a good poster. The title, 'Atalanta', was printed in red sloping letters across the top."

Fiction Issue 41, Volume 2: Winter 2019-20

Big Hen

‘Buckle up!’ I say. ‘Next stop: city fun!’

Fiction Issue 40/Volume 2: Summer 2019


"This is my life so far at university."

Fiction Issue 40/Volume 2: Summer 2019

I Am Andrew Wyeth!

Fiction Issue 40, Volume 2: Summer 2019


Fiction Issue 40, Volume 2: Summer 2019

The Consequences

Fiction Issue 40, Volume 2: Summer 2019



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