20 May


as the music sounds

in the common tiergarten

he sways from side to side

on a red plush base

promiscuous tides

peaked too early

for an insufficient calm

mingling liquors

distant planetary bodies

disturb the cleansed surfaces

entries in the gazetteer

waiting to pass away


slyness complicates

naive histories

as if to say

how little avails

terror before aloof

vermin in its place

the gulf is washed clean

by submerged waters

fixated on breathing

in happier times

to perplex the more

forensically useful beetles


diminished vehicles

along crimson routes

a curious high-pitched

air of foreboding

in the absence of better information

everyone scattered

wheeling and minding

the expelled arrived

into a fallen world

limp from recent weather

prepared to sleep

to keep it from rusting


a featureless cast

from the act of touching

intensifies memories

taken at the flood

a knife or a bottle

with a singing tone

action recorded in tissue

in gentle households

a sudden extreme cold

as when one bites an apple

marking several thousand-fold

the dangers of surrender


seized by vertigo

structures that control

habit patches broken rooms

with foregone conclusions

while taxons migrate across

the element of surprise

intrepid as he was

boredom was the victor

the habit of precision

misapplied in sleep

returned as surgical insults

hedged by glass

21 May


simple duration

of banal occurrences

there is no end of talk

the water finds its level

your breath is in your face

though evidence accrues

this girl is young

markets are nervous

hands reach

out of effect back into cause

so many dead

it was not so