Letter From the Republic of London

Poetry Issue 31, Volume 2: Summer 2015 (The London Issue)

The Boxer

Poetry Issue 21, Volume 2: Spring 2012

Mary in the round

Poetry Issue 14, Volume 2: Winter 2009


1st June 2005

On high

Poetry Issue 16, Volume 1: Autumn 2003


1st September 2003


Poetry Issue 16, Volume 1: Autumn 2003


Poetry Issue 14, Volume 1: Winter 2002-03

Late Autumn in the Estate

Poetry Issue 13, Volume 1: Autumn 2002

Gary Allen

Gary Allen has published fifteen collections of poetry, most recently, 'Jackson's Corner,' Greenwich Exchange, London 2016. A new collection, 'Mapland,' has just been published by Clemson University Press, South Carolina. He has also published three literary novels, 'Cillin,' 'The Estate,' and, 'Twenty-Eight Worlds.'