For The Time Being

1st November 2014

The Lost Notebook

Poetry Issue 23, Volume 2: Winter 2012

Shouting at the Windows of the Night

Poetry Issue 20, Volume 2: Winter 2011 (The New York Issue)

Bela Rada

Poetry Issue 18, Volume 2: Spring 2011

Phone Call From Finland

Poetry Issue 11, Volume 2: Winter 2008-09

Four Corner

1st November 2007


Poetry Issue 14, Volume 1: Winter 2002-03

Windwalk, Cape Clear Island

Poetry Issue 11, Volume 1: Winter 2001-02

Ted Deppe

Ted Deppe is the author of six books of poems, including Beautiful Wheel and Liminal Blue from Arlen House. He has lived in the west of Ireland since 2000.