7th April 2022

"I couldn’t get out of bed, I couldn’t shower, I couldn’t call my friends. Everyone has had a time like this—when they look in the mirror and, sure enough, an unknown animal stares back."



6th October 2021

'You talk and talk until you run out of breath and still when you get home there are things you wish you had said. Just once I would like to wake before myself and see what I am with my eyes closed.'

Peter and Jane


7th July 2021

'Sometimes I long for home, but not home as it is now, home back then. Back when it was nice. When the sun was always out, and we could play all day out of doors. Before I had to be a woman.'

Sweet Pea


Grown-ups now, I was tall, like a man, and Betty was still short, like a child. We’d travelled across towns and men and still ended up living close together again, in the same housing estate, almost right next to each other, raising our families.