Nature’s Place

Poetry Issue 27, Volume 2: Spring 2014

Nutshell Infinity

Poetry Issue 27, Volume 2: Spring 2014


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Meditation on a Couch

Poetry Issue 10, Volume 2: Summer 2008

Distance from the Dream Self

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In Praise of What We’ve Lost

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Looking For Life

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Bible Story

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Beside tall engines

Poetry Issue 11, Volume 1: Winter 2001-02

The intimacy of the house

Poetry Issue 7, Volume 1: Spring/Summer 2000

Ron Houchin

Ron Houchin is a retired public school teacher who lives on the banks of the Ohio River. He has three books published by Salmon poetry: Death and The River (1997), Moveable Darkness (2002), and Museum Crows (2009). His other books, Among Wordless Things (2004) and Birds in the Tops of Winter Trees (2008), were published by Wind publications. His awards include Appalachian-Book-of-the-Year-in-Poetry, a National Society of Arts and Letters Prize, an Ohio Arts Council Fellowship, a poetry prize from Indiana University, and a Writers’ Digest Award.