Gold Light Shining


30th September 2021

Bebe Ashley's debut poetry collection "is an ambitious meditation on music, fandom, projection, and yes, Harry Styles".

Keeping the House


16th September 2021

Lisa McInerney finds many wonders in Tice Cin's transgressive debut novel which "dodges the usual rules of storytelling".

Acts of Desperation


23rd June 2021

As an "informal experiment", Kevin Power examines Megan Nolan's debut novel – and its reviews – and reflects on the purpose and meaning of literary criticism.

The Ballad of Lord Edward and Citizen Small 


12th May 2021

In Neil Jordan's new novel, the author invents the psyche of an enslaved Black person, "a task as ambitious as it is awkward for a white man to do".

Can’t Get You Out Of My Head: An Emotional History of the Modern World


15th April 2021

To sit through Adam Curtis's latest offering is to experience a work of art that is alternately lush, oneiric, austere, startling, thrilling, amusing, persuasive, shocking, glib, beautiful.

We Are Not In The World


31st March 2021

Conor O'Callaghan's "propulsive" novel is about the process of coming to see—coming to understand—the recent past.

That Old Country Music


10th March 2021

If a Kevin Barry character declares themselves a romantic, they’re generally headed for trouble.

Small Axe


24th February 2021

Steve McQueen’s films are steeped in the political, and in the complicated humanity and inhumanity of ordinary people pushed to the extraordinary.

Mantel Pieces


10th February 2021

To watch Hilary Mantel go to work on the world is one of contemporary literature’s unalloyed pleasures.