Chilean Poet


8th June 2022

‘What to write about a new work that does not entirely excite or thrill, from one of the most exciting and thrilling writers of the last ten, twenty years?’



20th April 2022

Louise Kennedy's mordant debut novel is visceral, powerful, and full of compassion.

The Trees


30th March 2022

In an oeuvre of funny and, at times, caustically angry books, 'The Trees' might be Percival Everett’s funniest and angriest yet.

Send Nudes


16th March 2022

Saba Sams's vibrant collection explores the narratives we construct for ourselves—and the narratives others construct for us.

Butcher’s Dozen

Criticism Essay

25th January 2022

Sean O'Reilly on the reissue of Thomas Kinsella's ‘Butcher's Dozen’ to coincide with the 50th anniversary of Bloody Sunday: “a timely reminder that the past has to be fought for and poetry is not beyond lending a hand.”

Hyena! Jackal! Dog!


1st December 2021

Fran Lock's latest collection is a multivocal hybrid affected by grief, longing, rage, abjection.

A Shock


15th November 2021

In Keith Ridgway's luminous new novel, the economic circumstances of his characters infect their confidence, their relationships, their self worth. They own nothing—not even their own stories.

Normal Sheeple


30th October 2021

"We love Ross O'Carroll-Kelly! Should we?" — Kevin Power considers the evolving fates and functions of the Ross O'Caroll Kelly novels, which to date have sold over a million copies.

Gold Light Shining


30th September 2021

Bebe Ashley's debut poetry collection "is an ambitious meditation on music, fandom, projection, and yes, Harry Styles".