Ice Queen


11th October 2023

‘They go around the block, dancing in their seats, screaming the lyrics at the bewildered Chris, and she finds herself wishing that they’ll never get there—that they could keep driving around and around like this forever.’

On waitressing


28th September 2022

‘Waitressing is a career of invention. An old manager of mine once convinced a table that a nail that had fallen into a guest’s grilled fish from a loose shelf in the kitchen was, in fact, just part of a fish hook, leftover from the fisherman’s own line that morning.’

Notes on rejection


28th July 2022

A series of short essays reflecting on the experience of rejection. Contributors: Danielle McLaughlin, Jill Crawford, Neil Hegarty, Angelique Tran Van Sang, Anna Walsh, Mia Gallagher, with an introduction by Thomas Morris.

Words for Things


3rd February 2021

"What do you think of, I said to my husband that evening, when you think of Monica Lewinsky?"



4th December 2020

Michelle Coyne's anaesthetised protagonist falls into dangerous, freeing obsession on an Icelandic holiday.

Make Way, Folks, the Mannion Brothers Are Coming Through


3rd December 2020

A despairing brother is roused by Mattie Brennan's unforgettable Mannions on a hard-drinking train journey from Galway to Dublin.

All Made Through Imperfection


6th October 2020

A new short story from the author of 'Darker With the Lights On'.

Sleeve Notes From The King


3rd September 2020

A stranger on a motorcycle roars through a family.

Night Person


5th August 2020

“The night is a portal into which you enter with strangers.”