Boys, Crying

An essay concerning the experience of crying as a trans masculine person, and the ways in which our gender and character are scrutinised based on our most instinctive, unstoppable expressions.

Essay Issue 44/Volume 2: Summer 2021

Essential Viewing

“Out of everything I watched, only one show truly captured my imagination and that was the BBC police drama Line of Duty.”

Essay 6th March 2021

A Hell Taxonomy

Satanic panic, screen violence and Irish doorways to Hell: Róisín Kiberd meets legendary game designer John Romero.

Essay Issue 43, Volume 2: Winter 2020-21

A Boat To Bilbao

An essay about Ludwig the cat, and the writer who lives with him.

Essay Issue 42, Volume 2: Summer 2020


The tragic death of a Chinese performer in Loughrea, County Galway, in 1936 inspires Clara Kumagai to examine concepts of belonging, sameness and home.

Essay Issue 43, Volume 2: Winter 2020-21

Edna O’Brien’s 90th Birthday Banquet

Louise Nealon invites us all to join her in raising a glass to the queen of Irish literature.

Essay 15th December 2020

Julio Cortázar’s happy chaos

Kevin Barry celebrates the selected stories of a writer who continues to bamboozle and enthrall readers.

Essay 14th October 2020

The Dream That Wakes You Up

A lecture on the mysterious role of inspiration in the writer's work and life, first delivered at Bray Literary Festival in September 2020.

Essay 30th September 2020

Didn’t You Have To Be There?

How a ‘blockbuster sci-fi contagion plot’ has caused one teacher to question the meaning and value of the traditional writing workshop.

Essay 26th June 2020

Practice, Process, Product

A lecture on the facets of writing and being a writer, first delivered at Bray Literary Festival in September 2019.

Essay Issue 41, Volume 2: Winter 2019-20

Celestial Realm

Phil is eighty-five. She has been dying for forty years.

Essay Issue 41, Volume 2: Winter 2019-20

Going Clear: Sense and Spectacle at the Dublin Horse Show

As one of the city's oldest sporting spectacles, the Horse Show is a Dublin institution butting up awkwardly against the modern world.

Essay Issue 40/Volume 2: Summer 2019

Five Moments In Sport

Sport is admirable and sport is deplorable. It is an innocent pastime and a pernicious addiction. It means nothing and it means everything. It can be a force for good and for evil.

Essay Issue 40/Volume 2: Summer 2019

Power Cut

The stories of women in Direct Provision are a continuation of Ireland's long history as a carceral state, a place where "it is a lot easier to offer somebody a halfway house and ambivalent status than to grant them the right to a home."

Essay Issue 40/Volume 2: Summer 2019

Nothing Can Dislodge The House

Essay Issue 40, Volume 2: Summer 2019

Firing Up The Imagination

Fiction, that work of the imagination, is a means of making sense of the world, and a way to escape the darkest of realities.

Essay 4th April 2019

The True One

The story of Gil Courtney shows us that, when it comes to making things up, some people really just want to believe. And who can blame them?

Essay 13th March 2019

Silence, No Surrender

Colin Barrett introduces Nicole Flattery's debut collection, 'Show Them A Good Time', a book that captures characters and relationships in one-liners that crackle with unerring timing and verve and terrible lucidity.

Essay 6th March 2019

Safe Words

Embarrassment, unease, discomfort – these are the building blocks of a new language; the first steps on a path beyond the consoling myths of the everyday.

Essay Issue 39, Volume 2: Winter 2018-19

A Stranger Still: In Memoriam Anna Kavan

On the fiftieth anniversary of her death, Anna Kavan's contribution to twentieth century literature remains grossly under-appreciated.

Essay 5th December 2018

How Did Books Become Clutter?

Essay Issue 39, Volume 2: Winter 2018-19

The Follies

Essay Issue 39, Volume 2: Winter 2018-19

Sex Pink Moon

Essay Issue 39, Volume 2: Winter 2018-19

Parallel of Past Imperfect

Essay Issue 39, Volume 2: Winter 2018-19

Problem Pages

Reflecting on the creation of her first collection of short stories, Mia Gallagher elucidates the perpetual lesson of writing: that it’s always easy, and always hard.

Essay 31st July 2018

Bland God: Notes on Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook's founder is the most visible and enigmatic icon of the digital age. But what does he mean?

Essay 27th June 2018

Kaleidoscope Eye

"I laid there with a blue sheet covering my face with a hole cut into it for my eye. This was my eighth and final unsuccessful eye surgery. It had been five years, one month, and twelve days since my first."

Essay 6th June 2018


Essay Issue 38, Volume 2: Summer 2018

Marinaleda: A Town Less Ordinary

In a small town in rural Spain, a different way of life is being built, one day at a time.

Essay Issue 37, Volume 2: Winter 2017-18

What We Talk About When We Talk About Housing

What can the attitudes of Ireland's housing officials tell us about their ability to handle the country's most serious housing crisis in living memory?

Essay 6th December 2017



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