From craft to criticism, from the political to the personal, the essay is an open-ended walk through an idea or a thought. It says, lets see where this goes

The essay has emerged in recent years as one of the most varied and vital forms of contemporary writing, and we’re very proud of the examples we’ve published at The Stinging Fly.

What We Talk About When We Talk About Housing

What can the attitudes of Ireland's housing officials tell us about their ability to handle the country's most serious housing crisis in living memory?

6th December 2017

Some Notes on Des Hogan’s Story ‘Kennedy’

In Des Hogan's work, Ireland is exhibited as precisely what it is: a gaudy, teetering, beautiful, dangerous, hysterical, haunted, failing country.

14th November 2017

How To Edit Your Own Lousy Writing

Learn to read your work with the eyes of a stranger and you will pass through the Valley of Failure towards the Mountain of Success.

24th October 2017

On Non-Fiction about Housing and Homelessness

How can journalists and non-fiction writers tell the stories of the people most affected by the deepening housing crisis?

27th June 2017

Multimedia Notes on the Literature of Homelessness

Tracing the wandering path of the homeless through the histories of word and song.

12th June 2017

Delia and Rose and The Long-Winded Lady

Maeve Brennan's essays contain all her love for the streets and the bewildered people who find themselves upon them.

19th January 2017

Short, Sharp Shocks

Issue 35, Volume 2: Winter 2016 - Fear & Fantasy

The Testimony of Elie Wiesel

Remembering the great Jewish writer, and facing up to the challenge of speaking out against oppression.

8th July 2016

Translating Colin Barrett into German

How do you overcome the travails of translating the Mayo dialect into German?

14th June 2016

Tomorrow Never Knows

Issue 33, Volume 2: Spring 2016 – In The Wake Of The Rising