Negative Space

‘Negative Space is a memoir of sorts, a record of a time of life and its catastrophes, but its main concern is contemporary art. Or, rather, the embodying of those spirits and effluents given off by art.’

Criticism 8th December 2022


"She felt both important and embarrassed, now, in the street. The afternoon was ageing amiably. The all-year plastic Santa bracketed to a chimney on Attracta Road was dusty in soft sun."

Fiction 7th April 2021

This Happy (An Extract)

Fiction Issue 42/Volume 2: Summer 2020

Niamh Campbell

Niamh Campbell won the Sunday Audible Short Story Award in 2020 and the Rooney Prize in 2021. Her novels This Happy (2020) and We Were Young (2022) are published by Weidenfeld and Nicholson. She lives in County Clare.