‘When the other kids made fun of him for the holes in his jumper or not knowing who He-Man was, he just looked out the window towards home, the big house up the road and down the lane.’

Fiction 11th May 2022

Some Notions of Home

Essay Issue 31, Volume 2: Summer 2015 (The London Issue)

Stringing Up The Brides

Fiction Issue 18, Volume 2: Spring 2011

Niamh Mulvey

Niamh Mulvey is a London-based writer, editor and writing coach from Kilkenny. She has previously been published by The Stinging Fly, Banshee, Southword, Little Atoms, the Irish Times, the Bookseller and Unherd. Her debut story collection, ‘Hearts and Bones: Love Songs for Late Youth’, will be published by Picador in June 2022. Her first novel, ‘The Amendments’ will be published in 2023.