Philip Coleman

Philip Coleman is an Associate Professor in the School of English and a Fellow of Trinity College Dublin, Ireland. His most recent books are John Berryman: Centenary Essays (co-edited with Peter Campion, 2017)and George Saunders: Critical Essays (co-edited with Steve Gronert Ellerhoff, 2017). Other recent publications include Critical Insights: David Foster Wallace (2015),John Berryman’s Public Vision: re-locating 'the scene of disorder' (2014), and Berryman’s Fate: A Centenary Celebration in Verse (2014). With Calista McRae, he isediting a selection of John Berryman’s literary correspondence for Harvard University Press. He has essays on a wide range of topics forthcoming in volumes to be published by Edinburgh University Press, Wesleyan University Press, the Modern Language Association and Routledge.