Delia and Rose and The Long-Winded Lady

Essay Unlocked

19th January 2017

Maeve Brennan's essays contain all her love for the streets and the bewildered people who find themselves upon them.

Smashing The Mirror

Criticism Unlocked

30th November 2016

William Wall introduces Dave Lordan’s new essay collection, The Word in Flames

September, October

Criticism Unlocked

7th November 2016

Sarah Ladipo Manyika's Like a Mule Bringing Ice Cream to the Sun is a work operating within the memento mori tradition of death being ever present—and closer, closer still.

Hunting on the Boundary

Criticism Unlocked

4th November 2016

Deborah Levy's seventh novel is an investigation into the threads of relationship and the primitive, enduring connections between body and mind.

Passing Open Windows

Criticism Unlocked

3rd November 2016

Mia Gallagher explores the ‘still, beautiful, profound’ autofiction of Rachel Cusk's 'Transit'.

Hallucinating Vividly for Hours

Criticism Unlocked

1st November 2016

Doireann Ní Ghríofa gets inside the head of Eimear McBride's second novel.

Notes From The Void

Criticism Unlocked

29th September 2016

Mike McCormack's 'Solar Bones' finds beauty and joy in the interplay of the routine and the extraordinary; of quotidian and mystic.