Y/N and Sea Change

New fiction explores existential longing with K-pop and cephalopods.

Criticism 25th October 2023

A Hell Taxonomy

Satanic panic, screen violence and Irish doorways to Hell: Róisín Kiberd meets legendary game designer John Romero.

Essay Issue 43, Volume 2: Winter 2020-21

Dead Girls

Alice Bolin's debut collection examines the American obsession with dead girls, looking for the truth about their killers, and their self-proclaimed saviours.

Criticism 19th November 2018

Bland God: Notes on Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook's founder is the most visible and enigmatic icon of the digital age. But what does he mean?

Essay 27th June 2018


Olivia Sudjic's debut novel recognises online life as an active and creative culture. Like personal writing, its emotional highs and ominous shortcomings are tied up in an all-consuming act of self-fashioning.

Criticism 23rd August 2017

Roisin Kiberd

Roisin Kiberd has written essays and features for the Dublin Review, Winter Papers, the White Review, the Guardian and Vice, among other places. Her first book, The Disconnect: A Personal Journey Through the Internet was published by Serpent's Tail in 2021. She is a Contributing Editor at The Stinging Fly.