Suddenly a Duck

Essay Issue 31, Volume 2: Summer 2015 (The London Issue)

Finishing Touch

Fiction Issue 29, Volume 2: Winter 2014

A Little Before Seven

Fiction Issue 24, Volume 2: Spring 2013

Morning, 1908

Fiction Issue 23, Volume 2: Winter 2012

A Small Thing Indeed

There was no light. No, none. None wzm wzm on that here piss crater. And it being the day, still considered.

Fiction Issue 22, Volume 2: Summer 2012

Claire-Louise Bennett

Claire-Louise Bennett's short fiction and essays have been published in The Stinging Fly, The Penny Dreadful, The Moth, Colony, The Irish Times, The White Review and gorse. Her first book, Pond, was published by the Stinging Fly Press in 2015.