Julio Cortázar’s happy chaos

Kevin Barry celebrates the selected stories of a writer who continues to bamboozle and enthrall readers.

Essay 14th October 2020

Some Notes on Des Hogan’s Story ‘Kennedy’

In Des Hogan's work, Ireland is exhibited as precisely what it is: a gaudy, teetering, beautiful, dangerous, hysterical, haunted, failing country.

Essay 14th November 2017

Some Notes on Names and Deeds

Issue 33, Volume 2: Spring 2016 – In The Wake Of The Rising

monologue for cabman

Fiction Issue 31, Volume 2: Summer 2015 (The London Issue)

New York Perceived

Essay Issue 20, Volume 2: Winter 2011 (The New York Issue)

Party At Helen’s

Fiction Issue 4, Volume 2: Summer 2006


Fiction Issue 1, Volume 2: Summer 2005

Kevin Barry

Kevin Barry is the author of three novels and three collections of short stories, including the soon to be published That Old Country Music. He also writes plays and screenplays, and is co-editor and publisher of the annual arts anthology Winter Papers. He lives in County Sligo.