Róisín Kiberd Reads John Patrick McHugh

Nicole Flattery is joined by Róisín Kiberd to read from John Patrick McHugh's essay 'Name Your Character' and discuss her recent appointment as non-fiction editor of The Stinging Fly.

Podcast 10th July 2024

Lucy Caldwell Reads Niamh Prior

Nicole Flattery is joined by writer Lucy Caldwell to read and discuss Niamh Prior’s short story, 'Peter and Jane'.

Podcast 14th June 2023

Darran Anderson Reads Mary O’Donoghue

Essayist, journalist, and memoirist Darran Anderson joins Nicole Flattery to read and discuss Mary O'Donoghue’s short story, ‘During the Russian Blizzard’.

Podcast 6th May 2023

Michael Magee Reads Louise Kennedy

Debut novelist and editor Michael Magee joins Nicole Flattery to read Louise Kennedy's story ‘The End of the World is a Cul de Sac’.

Podcast 22nd December 2022

Rachel Connolly Reads Michael Magee

Critic and debut novelist Rachel Connolly joins Nicole Flattery to discuss gossip, the guilty rich, and the skewed portrayal of female characters in contemporary fiction.

Podcast 26th October 2022

Susannah Dickey Reads Wes Lee

Belfast author Susannah Dickey talks to Nicole Flattery about eco-fiction, time-wasting, and the tyranny of narrative.

Podcast 23rd September 2022


‘I couldn’t get out of bed, I couldn’t shower, I couldn’t call my friends. Everyone has had a time like this—when they look in the mirror and, sure enough, an unknown animal stares back.’

Fiction 7th April 2022

A Shock

In Keith Ridgway's luminous new novel, the economic circumstances of his characters infect their confidence, their relationships, their self worth. They own nothing—not even their own stories.

Criticism 15th November 2021

Essential Viewing

“Out of everything I watched, only one show truly captured my imagination and that was the BBC police drama Line of Duty.”

Essay 6th March 2021

My Year of Rest and Relaxation

Ottessa Moshfegh's follow-up to the Booker-nominated 'Eileen' is a hazy, witty, sometimes brutal examination of a New York friendship.

Criticism 17th October 2018

Show Them A Good Time

Fiction Issue 34, Volume 2: Summer 2016

Dance, Sing, Earn Your Keep

Essay Issue 32, Volume 2: Winter 2015


Fiction Issue 30, Volume 2: Spring 2015

Nicole Flattery

Nicole Flattery is a writer and critic. Her story collection Show Them A Good Time, was published by The Stinging Fly and Bloomsbury in 2019. Her first novel, Nothing Special, will be published by Bloomsbury in March 2023.