‘I have a habit of telling stories too fast, expecting a coherent narrative to spring up from a few words flimsily strung together on a string. The problem is words words words. The more neatly I arrange them, the more they lose their flavour.’

Fiction 1st March 2023

The Chair

Fiction Issue 41/Volume 2: Winter 2019-20

The Door

Fiction Issue 37, Volume 2: Winter 2017-18

Three Love Stories

Fiction Issue 32, Volume 2: Winter 2015

The City

Poetry Issue 31, Volume 2: Summer 2015 (The London Issue)

Tales of our Time

Fiction Issue 29, Volume 2: Winter 2014

The Story

Fiction Issue 27, Volume 2: Spring 2014

The Good Mother

Fiction Issue 26, Volume 2: Winter 2013

The Long Lost Father

Fiction Issue 22, Volume 2: Summer 2012

The Woman With Too Many Mouths

Fiction Issue 19, Volume 2: Summer 2011

Cathy Sweeney

Cathy Sweeney’s short story collection 'Modern Times' was published by The Stinging Fly Press and W&N in 2020.