Kill All Normies

We are in the midst of a raging culture war defined by cruelty, extremism and intolerance. Angela Nagle's new book is a timely and insightful report from the internet battlefield.

Criticism 3rd August 2017

To Be A Machine

Is the deathless age of the machine upon us?

Criticism 13th June 2017

Six Addresses

1st June 2015

Another Great Day At Sea

Criticism Issue 28, Volume 2: Summer 2014

Zündel’s Exit

Criticism Issue 27, Volume 2: Spring 2014

Mexico Drift

Fiction Issue 22, Volume 2: Summer 2012

Rob Doyle

Rob Doyle’s first novel, Here Are the Young Men, was one of Hot Press magazine’s ’20 Greatest Irish novels 1916-2016’. His second book, This Is the Ritual, is published by Bloomsbury. He is editor of the Dalkey Archive’s forthcoming anthology of Irish literature.