Problem Pages


31st July 2018

Reflecting on the creation of her first collection of short stories, Mia Gallagher elucidates the perpetual lesson of writing: that it’s always easy, and always hard.

How To Edit Your Own Lousy Writing


24th October 2017

Learn to read your work with the eyes of a stranger and you will pass through the Valley of Failure towards the Mountain of Success.

Fly Roundtable: The short story and the novel

Blog Post Interview

30th May 2017

Alan McMonagle, Billy O'Callaghan and Ethel Rohan have all published their first novels this year. Here they discuss the challenges of moving from the short story to the longer form.

Translating Colin Barrett into German


14th June 2016

How do you overcome the travails of translating the Mayo dialect into German?

The Shadow of the Word


10th November 2015

Tracking ghostly presences through the libraries of Bucharest.