My Life as a Plagiarist

“I had come across the diary of a war criminal and been surprised to find it was also a love story. My idea in rewriting it and the title I chose – ‘First Love’ – was to invert this expectation.”

Essay 9th December 2021


A story from Philip Ó Ceallaigh's upcoming collection.

Fiction 5th May 2021

My Life in the City

Fiction Issue 42/Volume 2: Summer 2020

The Storyteller Essays

Speaking from the epicentre of destruction of a civilisation, Walter Benjamin's essays express a deep concern for the state of literature and society.

Criticism 27th January 2020

Rock, Paper, Scissors and Other Stories

The first collection of Maxim Osipov's stories to appear in English sparks with acerbic insight into the daily challenge of being an ordinary person.

Criticism 4th September 2019


Fiction Issue 36, Volume 2: Summer 2017

The Shadow of the Word

Tracking ghostly presences through the libraries of Bucharest.

Essay 10th November 2015

Interview: Robert Chandler

Issue 25, Volume 2: Summer 2013

On First Drafts…

Poetry Issue 12, Volume 2: Spring 2009

My Secret War

Fiction Issue 7, Volume 2: Summer 2007

A Very Unsettled Summer

Fiction Issue 4, Volume 2: Summer 2006

Heaven Lies About Us

Criticism Issue 2, Volume 2: Winter 2005-06

The Beast

Fiction Issue 18, Volume 1: Summer 2004


Criticism Issue 16, Volume 1: Autumn 2003

As I Sink Down

Fiction Issue 15, Volume One: Summer 2003

Broken Teeth

Fiction Issue 12, Volume 1: Spring/Summer 2002

The Bridge

Poetry Issue 11, Volume 1: Winter 2001-02


Fiction Issue 8, Volume 1: Autumn/Winter 2000

Philip Ó Ceallaigh

Philip Ó Ceallaigh lives in Bucharest. ‘Trouble’, his third collection of stories was published by The Stinging Fly Press in May 2021. Philip’s two previous collections, 'Notes from a Turkish Whorehouse' and 'The Pleasant Light of Day', were shortlisted for the Frank O'Connor International Short Story Award. He is a recipient of the Rooney Prize for Irish Literature, among other awards.