What Gets Us Through | 2022

As the year ends, we asked more of our editors, writers and collaborators to write about something that has made a significant impact on them over the past while.

Blog Post 31st December 2022

What Gets Us Through

As a new year begins, we asked some of our editors, writers and contributors to write about something that has made a significant impact on them over the past while.

Blog Post 5th January 2022

Fly Roundtable: Writers and reading

Four writers, all leading classes during this year's Stinging Fly Summer School, discuss the joys and challenges of reading.

Blog Post 10th July 2020

Multimedia Notes on the Literature of Homelessness

Tracing the wandering path of the homeless through the histories of word and song.

Blog Post Essay 12th June 2017

Fly Roundtable: The short story and the novel

Alan McMonagle, Billy O'Callaghan and Ethel Rohan have all published their first novels this year. Here they discuss the challenges of moving from the short story to the longer form.

Blog Post Interview 30th May 2017

Beauty in Broken Things

Graham Allen & Alvy Carragher take differing routes towards truth and beauty in two recent collections.

Blog Post Criticism 17th May 2017

Delia and Rose and The Long-Winded Lady

Maeve Brennan's essays contain all her love for the streets and the bewildered people who find themselves upon them.

Blog Post Essay 19th January 2017

Smashing The Mirror

William Wall introduces Dave Lordan’s new essay collection, The Word in Flames

Blog Post Criticism 30th November 2016

September, October

Sarah Ladipo Manyika's Like a Mule Bringing Ice Cream to the Sun is a work operating within the memento mori tradition of death being ever present—and closer, closer still.

Blog Post Criticism 7th November 2016

Hunting on the Boundary

Deborah Levy's seventh novel is an investigation into the threads of relationship and the primitive, enduring connections between body and mind.

Blog Post Criticism 4th November 2016

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