Practice, Process, Product

A lecture on the facets of writing and being a writer, first delivered at Bray Literary Festival in September 2019.

Essay Issue 41, Volume 2: Winter 2019-20

Problem Pages

Reflecting on the creation of her first collection of short stories, Mia Gallagher elucidates the perpetual lesson of writing: that it’s always easy, and always hard.

Essay 31st July 2018

Sunrise Sunset

Tina Pisco's diverse set of short stories blends taut realism with a magical sensibility.

Criticism 7th February 2018

Passing Open Windows

Mia Gallagher explores the ‘still, beautiful, profound’ autofiction of Rachel Cusk's 'Transit'.

Criticism 3rd November 2016

A God in Every Stone / Fallen

Criticism Issue 30, Volume 2: Spring 2015

Before The House Burns / You

Criticism Issue 17, Volume 2: Winter 2010-11

On First Drafts…

Essay Issue 12, Volume 2: Spring 2009

Mia Gallagher

Mia Gallagher is the author of two acclaimed novels: HellFire (Penguin, 2006), awarded the Irish Tatler Literature Award 2007, and Beautiful Pictures of the Lost Homeland (New Island, 2016), longlisted for the 2016 Republic of Consciousness Award (UK). Her first short-story collection, Shift, was published by New Island in 2018.