Sunrise Sunset

Tina Pisco's diverse set of short stories blends taut realism with a magical sensibility.

Criticism 7th February 2018

Passing Open Windows

Mia Gallagher explores the ‘still, beautiful, profound’ autofiction of Rachel Cusk's 'Transit'.

Criticism 3rd November 2016

A God in Every Stone / Fallen

Criticism Issue 30, Volume 2: Spring 2015

On First Drafts…

Essay Issue 12, Volume 2: Spring 2009

Mia Gallagher

Mia Gallagher guest-edited the Stinging Fly's "Fear & Fantasy" issue (Winter 2016-17). Her short fiction has been published internationally and she has written two novels: HellFire (Penguin Ireland, 2006; awarded Irish Tatler Literature Award, 2007) and Beautiful Pictures of the Lost Homeland (New Island, 2016).