‘Stinging Fly Stories’ – Anthology Podcast with Sarah Gilmartin

Sarah Gilmartin joins Sally Rooney in the studio to discuss the stories collected in our new anthology, 'Stinging Fly Stories'.

Podcast 25th April 2018

Colm Keegan Reads Sean O’Reilly

Colm Keegan joins Sally Rooney to read and discuss Sean O'Reilly's 'The Cavalvade', a dark and ambiguous story of sexual power games.

Podcast 28th March 2018

Danny Denton Reads Nicole Flattery

In this month's episode of the Stinging Fly Podcast, Danny Denton reads and discusses the surreal tragicomedy of Nicole Flattery's 'Show Them A Good Time'.

Podcast 27th February 2018

June Caldwell Reads Claire-Louise Bennett

June Caldwell reads and discusses Claire-Louise Bennett's 'Morning, 1908'.

Podcast 30th January 2018

Kevin Barry Reads Cathy Sweeney

Kevin Barry reads two stories by Cathy Sweeney, and talks to Sorcha Kenny about their strange and elusive qualities.

Podcast 5th July 2017

Sara Baume Reads Deborah Rose Reeves

Sara Baume reads 'Lay Down The Dark Layers' by Deborah Rose Reeves, and talks about art, loneliness and the drama of the quarter-life crisis with Sorcha Kenny.

Podcast 19th April 2017

Rob Doyle Reads Philip Ó Ceallaigh

In the first episode of our new podcast, Rob Doyle reads and discusses ‘A Very Unsettled Summer’ by Philip Ó Ceallaigh.

Podcast 16th March 2017



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