Tokyo Ueno Station

Yu Miri's subtle novel about a man who haunts a Tokyo park is a deft and insightful look at the character and contradictions of modern Japan.

Criticism 8th May 2019

Tamarisk Row, The Plains, Border Districts

Gerald Murnane's obsessive and idiosyncratic novels have, for almost fifty years, documented 'a literary mind calmly tracing its involutions towards their creative and spiritual source.'

Criticism 24th April 2019


Rachael Allen's forceful debut collection pushes open the cracks in the structures which govern our lives, and interrogates the very mechanisms of marginalisation.

Criticism 9th April 2019

Evening In Paradise

A posthumous collection of Lucia Berlin's unpublished stories constitutes a curious and exciting middle-ground between fiction and autobiography.

Criticism 26th March 2019


Annie Ernaux's memoir is a 'truly remarkable, deep-reaching reflection' that places the 'lonely, frightened, essential, determined journeys of individual women at the heart of literature.'

Criticism 19th March 2019

The German Room

Carla Maliandi's debut novel cloaks a story of emigration, persecution, and buried history in a surreal and slightly absurd atmosphere.

Criticism 13th February 2019

Paradise Rot

Jenny Hval’s debut novel presents a nuanced account of a young woman’s sexual awakening during an academic exchange.

Criticism 22nd January 2019

Dead Girls

Alice Bolin's debut collection examines the American obsession with dead girls, looking for the truth about their killers, and their self-proclaimed saviours.

Criticism 19th November 2018

My Year of Rest and Relaxation

Ottessa Moshfegh's follow-up to the Booker-nominated 'Eileen' is a hazy, witty, sometimes brutal examination of a New York friendship.

Criticism 17th October 2018

Sex and Rage: Advice To Young Ladies Eager for a Good Time

Eve Babitz's autobiographical novel, recently republished, captures that spirit of madcap irreverence and charts those years when youth feels indestructible.

Criticism 12th September 2018

This Hostel Life

Melatu Uche Okorie's slim debut collection is one of the most pertinent books of modern Ireland.

Criticism 14th August 2018

The Recovering: Intoxication and Its Aftermath

Leslie Jamison's memoir of overcoming addiction balances a desire for originality against the soothing, redemptive familiarity of the chorus.

Criticism 19th June 2018

The Collected Letters of Flann O’Brien

This mammoth collection of Brian O'Nolan's correspondence, edited by Maebh Long, is crystal clear and precise in effect; ornate when it wants to be and vulgar at just the right moments.

Criticism 11th June 2018

Darker With The Lights On

Two characters discuss the ins-and-outs of David Hayden's debut collection of stories, a book full of other books.

Criticism 1st May 2018

The Yellow House

Lyrical emotional insight is matched by artfulness of execution in William Wall's first poetry collection for seven years

Criticism 21st March 2018

Sunrise Sunset

Tina Pisco's diverse set of short stories blends taut realism with a magical sensibility.

Criticism 7th February 2018


Mathias Enard's masterful novel traces myriad lines of life from both Orient and Occident in an attempt to 'write outside the self'.

Criticism 9th January 2018


Brian Dillon's journey through the 'unstable multiplicity' of the essay form is maddening and exquisite in equal measure.

Criticism 4th October 2017

The Coast Road

Ailbhe Ní Ghearbhuigh's first bilingual collection reveals a voice that is attentive to nature, to the world, to those moments in which we find ourselves, and one which is sprightly with a hint of devilment.

Criticism 19th September 2017

Blind Spot

Teju Cole's first book-length meditation on photography explores how his dream-like, jetlagged images are connected by tangents to the universal in all human cultures.

Criticism 12th September 2017


Olivia Sudjic's debut novel recognises online life as an active and creative culture. Like personal writing, its emotional highs and ominous shortcomings are tied up in an all-consuming act of self-fashioning.

Criticism 23rd August 2017

Kill All Normies

We are in the midst of a raging culture war defined by cruelty, extremism and intolerance. Angela Nagle's new book is a timely and insightful report from the internet battlefield.

Criticism 3rd August 2017

October: The Story of the Russian Revolution

China Miéville’s portrayal of the Bolsheviks' rise to power is a captivating and inspirational description of the revolutionary moment, when everything is possible.

Criticism 13th July 2017

To Be A Machine

Is the deathless age of the machine upon us?

Criticism 13th June 2017

Beauty in Broken Things

Graham Allen & Alvy Carragher take differing routes towards truth and beauty in two recent collections.

Blog Post Criticism 17th May 2017

Smashing The Mirror

William Wall introduces Dave Lordan’s new essay collection, The Word in Flames

Blog Post Criticism 30th November 2016

September, October

Sarah Ladipo Manyika's Like a Mule Bringing Ice Cream to the Sun is a work operating within the memento mori tradition of death being ever present—and closer, closer still.

Blog Post Criticism 7th November 2016

Hunting on the Boundary

Deborah Levy's seventh novel is an investigation into the threads of relationship and the primitive, enduring connections between body and mind.

Blog Post Criticism 4th November 2016

Passing Open Windows

Mia Gallagher explores the ‘still, beautiful, profound’ autofiction of Rachel Cusk's 'Transit'.

Criticism 3rd November 2016

Hallucinating Vividly for Hours

Doireann Ní Ghríofa gets inside the head of Eimear McBride's second novel.

Criticism 1st November 2016



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